Adult Discussion Group @ St. Stephen

This Group meets at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Newport.
Our adult discussion group meets weekly throughout much of the year to study and discuss a wide range of faith-related topics that intrigue and engage us. Sometimes we discuss books that offer food for thought. Recent books include Richard Rohr's The Universal Christ, Augustine's Confessions, and Robin R. Meyers' Saving Jesus from the Church.

We also have had extended series focused on material prepared and presented by one of our teachers: Brent Burford (a retired lawyer with extensive experience groups like this one) or The Rev. Dr. Judith Jones, our vicar. Topics covered recently include church history, biblical and cultural images of God, women in the Bible and culture, and the beliefs and practices of other world religions.

The members of our group come from a variety of backgrounds and denominations. We encourage questions and respect both skeptics and believers (while recognizing that some of us are both at the same time). Our discussions are lively, and we welcome different points of view. After all, it's not very interesting if everyone agrees with each other, and we don't learn much if everyone else thinks exactly as we do!

We are currently reading the book, Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, by Elaine Pagels.

The Adult Discussion group meets every Wednesday at 10:30am at St. Stephen Episcopal Church in Newport. Everyone is welcome, including those outside our (or any) church.