Peace Village Newport

Week-long Summer Day Camp
Peace Village Newport Peace Village Newport is a week-long summer day camp for students entering grades 1-6. This five-day Summer Camp for Peacemakers began in Lincoln City in 1996 in response to a series of violent events in Oregon schools.

Peace Villages are multi-cultural, inter-faith, and inter-generational camps designed to give children hands-on learning about conflict resolution, media literacy, and ecology as well as music, art, and craft activities. Peace Village uses concrete, proven methods taught by skilled educators and community leaders.

A total of 45 students participate for the week's 9 AM to 3:30 PM program. They are divided into three age groups, each with adult and teen leaders.

The Peace Village program involves teachers and students from many faith backgrounds. It also offers students a comprehensive view of the messages and practices of peace from a variety of world traditions. The program is ecumenical by design and there are several local churches involved in planning it.

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